Marine Trace Element Lab seeks Undergrad RA

Know how to program ? Want to study the ocean?

The Marine Trace Element Lab at USC seeks an undergraduate research assistant to help modify Fortran code for an existing Global Climate Ecosystem Model (GCEM). Iron (Fe) is an important nutrient which supports the growth of algae in the ocean. The current ecosystem model includes Fe as an important nutrient in an NPZ (Nutrient, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton) model. This project aims to modify the existing model with an additional tracer representing Fe stable isotopes. Model output will be a map showing Fe isotope distribution in the world oceans, which can be compared to our recent measurements of Fe isotopes.

The ideal candidate should have a background in programming, and an interest in learning about marine biogeochemistry. Background in chemistry, environmental chemistry, or oceanography is preferred, but not required. Position includes preparatory research Spring 2013 and a summer research position. If interested, contact Professor Seth John ( with a statement of interest and CV.