The Live Connect Code Camp is Hiring Java Teachers

The Live Connect Code Camp is designed to STEMulate young innovators as they engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that promote STEM awareness, community engagement, entrepreneurship, critical and analytical thinking, and college/career readiness.

The camp’s main focus is computer programming. Young innovators will receive lessons and complete tasks in this introduction to Java programming.

Job description:
Lesson instruction

  •  Teach computer science with online video lessons
  •  Engage students and respond to questions/comments
  •  Assist with class activities
  •  Give one-on-one programming support
  •  Evaluate student programming assignments
  •  Facilitate Olympiad activities

On demand support instruction

  •  One-on-one virtual instruction as needed for students (on demand help)


  •  Currently enrolled in higher education institution and pursuing bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
  •  Comfortable with technology
  •  Imaginative about using online formats in new ways
  •  Inquisitive, creative and curious
  •  Passionate about connecting with students
  •  Patient and resourceful
  •  Organized and careful about time management
  •  Devoted to learning
  •  Attentive to details
  •  Service-oriented
  •  Excellent at oral and written communication
  •  Highly knowledgeable in their subject area

System requirements:

  •  Computer with video conferencing capabilities
  •  High speed internet connection

Code camp days:

March 11 – April 12, 2019 - Weeks 1-4: Instruction - Week 5: Olympiad
Monday - Friday
3:00pm – 6:00pm

On demand support will vary by need of the student.

Typical day of instruction:
20 minutes: Lesson
20 minutes: Activity
20 minutes: Programming Activity

Important dates:
February 20 5:00pm EST – application deadline

Week of March 25 – virtual interviews (30 minutes)

  •  model 10-minute lesson (content will be provided)
  •  questions from interviewers

March 6 (evening) - Online training (2 hours)

$250 stipend (complete schedule)
Additional instruction:

If you have questions, contact Karina Liles at