Java Developer Co-Founder Wanted

Want to lead the next Internet revolution but don’t want to move to Boston (I have to shovel that?) or the Silicon Valley (you want how much for that apartment?)? Are you driven to do something great? Are you passionate about making a difference in this world?

We want you to join the team at Voterheads. We’re looking for a wicked-smart Java developer to join our team. The ideal candidate is well versed in the MVC development framework and has at least a couple of web projects under their belt, but we’re always willing to see superhuman acts of will to show us why you deserve to be here anyway. The ideal candidate is also passionate about making their community, their state, and their nation a better place.

You’ll be part of a small team. You’ll have a large voice in application direction and architecture. You’ll have flexible hours but we would like a commitment of at least five hours per week. If you’re the right fit, you’ll have an ownership stake in the company. Do you want to be part of that ‘cool thing that happened in Columbia, SC’ or do you want to look back with regret wishing you had? Send us your resume and Github portfolio today:


  • Java Knowledge and Willingness to Learn
  • Passionate, Energetic, Hard-Working
  • Track-Record of Finishing
  • Good communication (written, verbal) skills in small groups


  • Web development experience (JSON/JQuery/HTML5/CSS)
  • Lucene experience
  • Ruby on Rails experience.
  • Local Government (City/County/School) experience