iPhone Programming Talk

The iPhone for Software Developers:
A Live Coding Session!
The UPE Keynote Address by
Norman McEntire
4:00 PM
Monday, March 29, 2010
Faculty Lounge, Swearingen Building


In this fast paced, practical, and exciting live coding session, you'll see an iPhone app written, built, and run, from scratch, for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad. You'll learn how to use Xcode to write Objective-C source code. You'll learn how to use Interface Builder to lay out a graphical interface. And you'll learn how to run and test the code on both the iPhone simulator and on an actual device. The session is fast paced, intensive, and information packed. iPhone for software developers!

Norman McEntire is founder and CEO of Servin Corporation a company that focuses on "Technology Training for Technology Professionals™". He received a BS in Engineering in May 1980 and a MS in Engineering in Dec 1980, both from the University of South Carolina. He worked two years as a computer hardware engineer for Mostek, designing disk controller boards. He then worked 14 years as a computer engineer for NCR Corporation, writing the business plan, and leading the hardware design, of the NCR Tower 32/200, a UNIX-based business computer. He founded Servin Corporation in 1995 and since that time has trained thousands of technology professionals on a wide range of topics, including Android programming, iPhone programming, Linux device drivers and kernel internals, Java programming, Objective-C programming, and Windows system programming and device drivers. He has over 25 apps on the iPhone Apps store, six books on the Amazon Kindle store, and a number of web-based tutorials.

Sponsored by: The University of South Carolina Department of Computer Science and Engineering