Internship at the Moving Image Research Collection

From Dr. Buell:

Professor Mark Cooper, who directs the Moving Image Research Collection, has funding for an "intern" (not always the term we would use for a "part time job" but one that is commonly used). They have a large Filemaker database of their collection and need ongoing admin work on that. Perhaps more interesting in terms of what one could learn is that they are trying to get XML output from Filemaker to be converted into XML input to another package they use. I do not know details. This could be an easy translation, or it could be a difficult issue of getting the DTDs all done right and using yet another package (there's lot of open source for this). If the former, it's an easy fix and one can look brilliant. If the latter, it's an opportunity to learn how to do something we aren't going to be teaching in class but that is a useful side competence because XML is so ubiquitous and this translation problem so common.

Professor Cooper can be contacted at