Indie Bits Needs Volunteers

Indie Bits is happening (and getting a facelift soon). It’s going to be awesome. The Earth will shake, etc etc. Artists, gamers, plebeians, and neck-beards will descend on Main Street. There’s going to be a showcase of games and other game-like periphery things. There’s going to be some film programming. There might be some keynote/panel/workshop stuff. There’s definitely going to be an after-party with music, food, and (of course) more games.

The chase: We want your assorted department’s help. We also fully understand that you’re going “with what money.” It’s good, then, that we don’t want money. No, we seek something much more valuable to us: computers and people.

Submissions are open until March 15th so we don’t know the exact needs yet, but we are planning on featuring 15-20 games in our showcase. I expect the majority of these will be Windows machines. So far no one has submitted any mobile applications.

We're going to need lots of help running the showcase. Like, a whole whole lot of help. We are going to need people to check badges, wrangle attendees, help with tech & general set up/tear down. We are hoping you may pitch some volunteer work to your students.

Michelle Skipper + Cecil Decker
Indie Bits Co-Directors

If interested, fill out the volunteer form.