iCracked techs wanted

Hi There!

I am an iTech for iCracked in the Aiken/Augusta Area. It's a great business opportunity and we're looking to expand to the USC campus in Columbia. As a former Mechanical Engineer, I thought this would be a great place to start! See details and link below:

Job Posting: iTechs Wanted to repair iPhones! National Company. . .Great opportunity! No experience required!
"These days, the proliferation of smatphones has spawned a new campus job: iPhone repair shop." ~ Forbes Magazine

Welcome to iCracked: The Worlds Largest and Fastest iPhone Repair Network.
We are more than excited to show you what our company is about, what our team believes in, how our unique business-in-a-box works, and most importantly, how we plan on capturing this ever growing market of broken iPhones.
iCracked is about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs with the tools needed to run a successful iPhone repair shop while minimizing upfront costs and time spent on business development- We've done the legwork for you! We specialize in providing an easy to use 'business in a box' model that really streamlines the process of running a small business. In addition to the ease of access and support for a potential licensee, also known as an iTechnician, iCracked provides customized marketing and a direct product distribution network to maximize the freedom and independence of the iTechnician. In turn, iTechnicians, who are primarily located on college campuses nationwide, are the primary service provider to iCracked's customer base: individuals seeking low cost and reliable alternatives to iPhone screen replacements and repairs. Please click on the following link below for more details about this great opportunity. http://www.icracked.com/iTechs/become Tell them iTech Jill Brown from iCracked Aiken/Augusta sent you!

Jill Brown jillsbrown@aol.com