Help Needed with Web Application

Help needed with web application: Capstone Connect. New features requested:

  1. Once a student has done and evaluation for another student , that student should be removed from the to do list (as conformation it was done)
  2. See average grade for each student for each grade period
  3. Reset password needs to be fixed, it doesn’t work
  4. Open and close time for each evaluation. This would allow me to set up the evaluations for the entire semester.
  5. The program needs to give the average to the second decimal place and especially all the way to 10. It stops at 9. This is really irritating.
  6. The program needs to be able to copy questions from one evaluation to another or copy an entire evaluation. I have to either retype or copy the same questions one by one each time I open a new evaluation period. (the questions are the same).

I may have a couple more that would add to the work

Dr. Dale McCants