HackerEarth online Hackathon, May 6

I am Sachin Gupta, the founder of HackerEarth (www.hackerearth.com). We organize hackathons across the globe and work with both Universities and Corporates in helping them organize their hackathons. We work with Universities like University of Toronto, Rochester Universityand many more.

This time we have partnered with Grindr and hosting a hackathon with them. The objective of the hackathon is to use mobile-based geo-location and build applications that solve real world problems for people in a vicinity. The aim is to use geo-location to help people get access to healthcare services, discover local community events or anything that can be discovered in a vicinity.

We would like to invite the students of your University to participate in the hackathon. It's an online hackathon starting May 6. The teams that create the most innovative solutions and produce the cleanest code will get a chance to win prizes of $5000 and also get their applications adopted by Grindr.

We’re hoping you’ll share this information with your students who can then build interesting solutions and get a chance to showcase their coding skills. You can find more details about the hackathon here - https://www.hackerearth.com/sprints/0FeetAway-Hackathon/

NOTE: If this isn’t the right way to get this hackathon out to your students or we need to reach out to someone else in your department, please let me know.