Georgia Teaching Fellows

I wanted to reach out to you because Georgia Teaching Fellows is recruiting applicants who are interested in becoming teachers and I think this would be a great opportunity for students at the University of South Carolina. We are recruiting for several subject areas, with a particular focus in middle or high schoool math which is why I'm reaching out to you specifically.

As I'm sure you know the need for strong middle or high schoool math teachers is extremely high in Greater Atlanta, including Atlanta and Columbus. This is where you can help. We take recent graduates and career changers who have strong content knowledge in areas related to middle and high school science and prepare them to teach in high needs communities in Greater Atlanta. Students that you teach within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering have the content knowledge we're looking for in our applicants.

Our next application deadline is March 25th. Could you take a few minutes to share infromation about Georgia Teaching Fellows with your students and help us deliver on the promise of quality education for all children?

Robyn Maggio
Recruitment Ambassador, Greater Atlanta
Teaching Fellows Programs