Geography Programmer at USC

The Center for Digital Humanities at the University of South Carolina seeks to hire a “Geography Programmer.” The position is posted on Job Mate ( ) at #22290, “Geography Programmer, a.k.a. Digital Map-Maker (student, part-time)”.

The function of the position is to work with other members of our project teams to create digital maps. Typical digital map projects might involve taking data that has already been harvested from humanities sources (for instance texts) and making stylized digital maps from them. Mapping software to use might include ArcGIS, Google Maps, or something else (we are not the experts!). Experience with or understanding of how to create interactive maps would be a big advantage.

Work can begin as early as March or April. We understand, however, that it may not be possible for you to start a new position this late in the semester. We anticipate needing lots of work to be done over the summer, perhaps as much as 20-30 hours per week during June, July and August. Exact project load still to be determined.

The Center for Digital Humanities is a humanities-oriented, research and development lab located in the Thomas Cooper Library on campus. We employ both undergraduate and graduate programmers during the semesters and over the summer.

All work must be done on site at the CDH, on the 5th floor of the Thomas Cooper Library. The new hire will work closely with the Chief Programmer and only between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

The ideal applicant will have a variety of technical skills, including any appropriate software knowledge or knowledge of appropriate programming languages. Both graduate students and undergraduates of sufficient experience and skill level are eligible to apply. More broadly speaking, a knowledge of GIS seems crucial.

To apply, email Colin Wilder ( and CC Willis Wayne Lemasters (, introducing yourself and explaining your experience. Attach your resume and give at least 2 references (professional or a Geography or Computer Science instructor who knows you and your work). If possible, please also send samples of your work. If we wish to schedule an interview, you will receive an email from Colin Wilder.