Gamecock Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon

Dear Student,

Pi Mu Epsilon and the Gamecock Math Club (PME/GMC) are student organizations which you might enjoy. Any USC student is welcome to join Gamecock Math Club! (The invitation and application are attached to this email for your convenience.)

Our first event this semester will be a "What is a Data Scientist and How do I Become One?" on Tuesday, January 29
at 6:30pm in LC 412. We will have pizza starting at 6pm in the Wyman Williams Room (LC 410) before the talk.
(Courtesy of the Statistics Department.)

PME/GMC Spring Initiation will be Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30pm in LC 312. Initiation will be preceded by pizza at 6pm in the Undergraduate Student Lounge (LC 311) and followed by a talk "Cool Results Involving Fibonacci Numbers and Compositions" at 7pm in LC 412.

For more information, check us out at or on our Facebook page Pi Mu Epsilon and Gamecock Math Club - University of South Carolina.

Ronda Sanders
PME/GMC Faculty Advisor