Founder Looking for Developers

I am a second year medical student at USC and co-founder of I created this social network with friends and I am looking to hire an Android developer to help the team and I with our mobile app.

TimeStash allows users to recollect and relive their pasts using a community constructed database and even acquire those cherished items that defined how they grew up. It is the online time machine that enables you to browse for vintage shows, books, movies, toys, and much more. ( )

TimeStash was launched on August 5th in Mexico City this summer and since then, we have amassed over 8000 users. We have received significant press coverage there, ranging from TV to online articles ( I am looking to launch the website here in the US, starting at our school.

Could you pass this information along to the students and the rest of the department?

Thank you.
Robert Gereige (