Entry Level Software Engineer

About the Opportunity
This is a field-based, entry-level position. You’ll be working at client-sites across the U.S. east coast.

You’ll need to walk in the door with the basic skills of a Software Engineer: knowledge of scripting, coding, databases, and operating systems. If you have a computer science degree, then you probably have that covered.

Then, we’ll expand your skills with training and experience with tools that are specific to our solution space: IBM SmartCloud, BMC, SevOne, ServiceNow, Splunk, and others.

Those are “hard skills” that will make you more valuable in the market. True, but that’s something your dad would say. What’s really cool and will set you apart from all the others in your graduating class are the company and clients. It’s all in the “About Us” section.

Key Things We Require

  • Proficiency with Operating Systems such as Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX etc.) and Windows
  • Proficiency with various scripting and coding methods such as PERL, Shell/Batch, XML, SQL
  • Working knowledge of various database flavors such as Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL etc.
  • General knowledge of Networking principles and protocols
  • Ability to prepare technical documentation
  • Able to work as part of a team at customer sites, may require travel

About Us
We’re Softential. We design, integrate, and manage IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. And we’re in the very sweet and enviable position of having the right solutions at the right time.

Our solutions are on the leading-edge of Gartner-recommended strategies for our space: simplifying complex IT environments with dashboard visibility and control, transforming data into role-based information for quicker and better decision-making, and translating traditional performance metrics into criteria that create value for the organization.

Of course, elevating IT infrastructure and architecture to deliver these benefits requires mapping dependencies, identifying and automating processes, designing the solution, rationalizing tools, integrating diverse applications, and developing custom application.

That requires engineering prowess and that’s what you’ll develop as a Softential engineer. To apply, send your resume to careers@softential.com.