Customer Facing Portal Contractor

  • Have experience building, from the ground up, a secure public web site ( E.g. Health Insurance Exchange, Insurance portal, etc.)
  • Have experience in architecture, design, and implementation of a private cloud solution
  • Our preference would be an open source stack, but we are willing to listen
  • Have a knowledge of best practices for maintaining and supporting the cloud infrastructure
  • Be very focused on security and scalability

Basically, we need to build a secure public facing 24x7 available web site that can easily scale (e.g. when a hurricane hits, goes from 10 users an hour to 5,000 users an hour). We are looking to find the best experienced people at setting these up, and “buy” their expertise to ensure the hardware, architecture, design, and frameworks are solid and able to support rapid growth.

  • Java shop using Windows but would consider Linux.
  • Could also be additional development work outside of this scope.


David A. Grim

Allen & Associates of America, Inc.

Mobile: +1 704 564 0279 Fax: +1 866 409 0789

Time Zone: (GMT - 5)