Computer Technician at Lexington Schools

Job Title: Computer Technician I (240-days)
Computer Services Department - Instructional Division

General Statement of Job Expectation:

Under regular supervision, provides routine and emergency technical support and assistance in the maintenance and troubleshooting of District-wide information systems, assists with system installation, customization and support, and performs related work as required. Reports to the Coordinator of Computer Services.

Job Duties:

  • Daily determines the health of the assigned work request or school activities that will require attention today and schedule other events that are necessary for further attention.
  • Responds to work request assignments to install, configure, and maintain workstations, workstation software, and workstation maintenance in assigned areas. Work may include, moving, rearranging, or reconfiguring of workstation equipment, printer, cameras, white boards, external drives, and/or any other computer peripherals.
  • Assist in the production, maintenance, and written instructions of the workstation images and instructions on how to use.
  • Performs normal administrative tasks required to report progress, which may include email communications, word documents, spreadsheets, and any other electronic media necessary to communicate work status.
  • Responsible for any other duties directly assigned by supervisor.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  1. Familiar with Desktop computer repair. Must be able to identify different computer components, understand repair terminology.
  2. Works well in group environment, must be able to communicate with peers and computer contacts at the schools.
  3. Able to verbalize in groups ideas that would help teachers to understand the technology and ability to take advantage of the products they can use.
  4. A+ Certification and/or Network+ Certification preferred.

Standard Requirements to Perform Job Duties:

  • Requires standing and walking and lifting. Must be able to lift 40 pounds.
  • Adequate Hand/Eye/Foot coordination.
  • Must be able to handle simple tools, such as screw driver, pliers and office equipment such asstaplers, and other small appliances.
  • Must be able to communicate with other technicians, and/or small to moderate size groups, forthe purpose of explaining or instructions.
  • Must be customer service oriented.

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