Computer Programming Internship in Healthcare IT

Computer Programming Internship in Healthcare IT - Seeking talented and dedicated students who have experience using PHP and Ruby on Rails in a LAMP environment. We will be developing innovative solutions for the Healthcare industry.

Applicants must have excellent oral and written communications skills, detail oriented, motivated with the ability to thrive as a member of a multi-discipline team. Applicants should enjoy finding elegant solutions to complex problems. Must have the ability to learn quickly, work independently, and take ownership of tasks.

Applicants must have excellent debugging and trouble shooting skills, the ability to develop and implement automated regression test environments, knowledge of web standards, and an understanding of MySQL in a Linux environment.

The following are sample programs you will be working on:

Create a Ruby1.9, or Python3, or C++ program to......
1) Compute the number of nurses that work at the Mayo Clinic, or which Zip code has the most number of doctors, or which Zip code has the most number of hospitals.

The data can be found here ->

And here ->

2) You are standing at a lake and you have a three gallon jug and a five gallon jug - No marks on either one, The goal is to fill the five gallon jug with four gallons of water. How
is this accomplished? No, the challenge is just NOT to come up with a solution but write a program that will come up with a solution. And just printing the solution that came out of your head does not cut it.

3) Develop a program to do a comparison of the monthly NPI data files – see 2) above. Starting with the March 2010 file and the April 2010 file the program should produced a report to show the difference. The report should show the number of records deleted, the number of records changed, and the number of records added.

4) Please develop a Ruby 1.9 program to validate the NPI field. The rules can
be found here:

And the current database can be found here:

Please report all NPI values that do not meet the requirement.

5) Write a GNU C++ program to process and load the NPI data file into a PostgreSQL database. The database design should be based on the PDF files that define the input.
See 1 & 4 above for data.

The internship starts May 1, 2010 and continues to August 21, 2010.

To apply: send me resume and the code from one of the problems above.
You can reach me at gmail or hotmail.

We have only three paid positions available. First come first served!

See our company web site here:

Verbus M. Counts