Computer Engineer Needed for 3D Printing Company

3D Print Holdings, LLC is seeking the most talented computer engineer we can find to develop innovative 3D modeling applications that will create models that will be 3D printed on the most advanced full color 3D printer on the market. 3DPH specializes in transforming 2D images into 3D works of art. Our first application, DoodleSculpt, was launched in March and has generated an incredible response. We are experiencing rapid growth and our 2nd act will be pushing the boundaries of 3D print applications.

The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in computer science, an expert of open source and someone who executes flawlessly. If you are that someone, please contact us for more details.

Please read the recent article from The State on our company for details about some of our applications.

Contact info:

John Carrington
Co-Founder / CEO

3D Print Holdings, LLC
1301 Gervais St., Suite 200
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803.381.3100