CodeSprint: Apply for 50+ startups at once

Dear Jose Vidal,

I'm Mike from InterviewStreet - a startup that matches programmers with awesome hacker-friendly jobs. We're making it easy to apply to 50 different startups at once.

We would be grateful if you could make available the following snippet to the students in your department, either via mailing list or job board.

Mike Chen

Subject Line: CodeSprint: Apply for 50+ startups at once, incl. Facebook, Dropbox, airBnB, Quora, and Kayak

Do you remember high school senior year, when you could fill out the Common App and apply to dozens of universities at the same time? CodeSprint is the Common App, but for actual jobs (or internships). Solve a single set of technical Challenges to apply for 50 companies simultaneously.

We've brought together and streamlined the hiring process for 50 of the most hacker-friendly startups, including Facebook, Dropbox, airBnB, Quora, and Kayak. Our companies are the ones that work on crazy scaling problems, affect millions of users, and have a wicked-smart team. They give pretty good perks, too.

Not only do we have the larger well-known startups (with lots of open positions), but also the smaller, well-known ones as well: companies with both buzz and less than 30 employees total. If you're looking to be hire #4, CodeSprint is one of few avenues to reach that goal.

At noon on Sunday, October 9th, land your Dream Job (or Internship) by proving your technical skill at