Carolina Command Center Manager

The Carolina Command Center Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the College of Information and Communications’ state-of-the-art social media monitoring lab. The manager will serve as the college’s expert in the usage and implementation of the center’s monitoring and reporting software, training faculty, students and other users. The Manager will work with faculty to assist with gathering research-quality social media analytics and to support the center’s role as a teaching tool within the college. In addition, the manager will generate clear, concise data to assist with crisis management efforts and special projects for a variety of stakeholders. He or she also will be responsible for preparing reports on the center’s research.

The Manager will coordinate with College administration, faculty and others at the university to develop newsworthy analytics reports that will enhance the research reputation of the college and university. This will require a familiarity with media practices, an ability to identify and communicate relevant trends, and the ability to translate findings into a format easily understood by the general public.

The Carolina Command Center Manager will attain expertise with relevant social media software tools, technologies and practices, and will work to remain continuously adept at their usage and implementation. This person will maintain successful relationships with faculty, students, vendors, clients and other users.


The Carolina Command Center Manager should be an organized, enterprising self-starter with an aptitude for technology, a deep understanding of social media, and a strong strategic understanding of social listening. Experience with at least one social media analytics tool such as Crimson Hexagon, Radian6, Brandwatch or Talkwalker is preferred.

Project management skills and a proven ability to meet tight deadlines are a must. Verbal communication skills including the ability to do presentations and assist with classroom instruction are important. An open, collaborative approach is necessary for success in this role.

Technical capabilities must be balanced with communications acumen and an awareness of emerging trends across all relevant fields. The ability to work with and manage students is essential. Other preferred abilities include the ability to learn quickly and take initiative.

Oversee the day-to-day operation of the Command Center. This will include generating analytics reports, maintaining displays, hosting training sessions for students and faculty, alerting stakeholders to relevant trends, providing monitoring support during crisis situations, and working closely with the media, vendors and outside clients as needed.

Assist with academic research. This may include providing one-on-one training for faculty and students, as well as aiding in the development and maintenance of key reports of interest to the university’s faculty. Assist with classes. This may include providing software demonstrations, assisting students with projects and generating analytics reports for educational use.

Bachelor’s degree in communications, information science, computer science or related field as well as at least three years relevant professional experience.

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