Business Analytics Student Club

There is an article on the new business analytics student club which you might want to join if you are interested in Big Data Analytics:

For nearly every type of organization today, business analytics is used to turn raw company data into powerful insights that drive decision-making. However, this process can be a challenging task as analysts need to have the skills to collect and store massive datasets, clean and analyze data, translate results into meaningful decisions that make a positive impact, and, most importantly, effectively communicate their analysis to leadership.

“The club’s mission is to foster an interactive learning environment that will help its members develop excellent data-driven decision-making skills,” says founding Business Analytics Club President Olga Pak. “We feel there is a massive talent gap in big-data analytics. That is why the club’s purpose is to help USC students—regardless of their university major—fill this gap. Having the right data and analytics skills will open the doors for many more opportunities for University of South Carolina graduates.”