BlueCross BlueShield Training Program

The IT training program at BlueCross BlueShield of SC (BCBSSC) is called the “Entry-Level Training Program” or ELTP. We started this program in 1997 and it was fashioned to give recent college graduates who had earned their degree in Computer Science or a related field, a career with BCBSSC Information Systems.

Entry-Level Training Programs are comprehensive; they include classroom and on-the-job training. Program duration is from 14-22 weeks. Everyone accepted into an ELTP is expected to successfully complete it. Upon completion, the incumbent will be a) assigned to a department where their skills will be put to use, b) expected to acquire additional knowledge and skills, and c) reclassified to the entry-level position appropriate for their area.

Currently, there are 4 distinct tracks: Application Development host and non-host systems, System Support and ICT*. ICT covers the areas of telephony, servers, networks and Z-Linux.

Application Development on the host systems (IBM system Z) provides training in systems development methodology, work request life cycles, job control language (JCL), COBOL, debugging tools, Application Productivity System (APS), databases and develop business problem solving skills; training lasts 14 weeks.

Application Development on the non-host systems provides training in web-applications; training lasts 14 weeks.

System Support is 18 weeks long and the courses cover web-based applications, network management, server management, system security, and other areas relevant to keeping our non-host applications functioning properly.

ICT covers training for network management, server management, system security, and other areas relevant to keeping our operations functioning properly. ICT training last 22 weeks.

This year, there will be 23 positions; 10 in Application Development for the host systems, 6 in the non-host systems, 4 for ICT and 3 in System Support. This opportunity is located in Columbia SC. Our next ELTP starts on May 28th.

BCBS will be at the SET fair.

Barbara Eppink
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
I/S Recruiting/SRM
803-264-8096 (fax)