Back-End Web Developer

Our company is an early-stage startup in the video/social networking space. We help people find what to watch next. We believe that the best way to find the good stuff is through your friends and like-minded people; it's the water-cooler conversation of the connected age. Think Pinterest meets Spotify for video.

We are looking for an individual who excels in back-end web development and wants to help build the future of discovery for online and streaming entertainment. This individual will most likely be a person with a deep-seated curiosity of how things work and an equally intuitive knowledge that they could work better, then, the single-minded ambition necessary to create something better with a great team.

Please include your resume in the email and place "Back-End Developer" in your subject line

Job title: Back-End Web Developer

Qualifications: MySQL, PHP, Javascript, light HTML

Duties: Back-End Web Development

Job type: Part-time/Paid Internship/Project Based

Contact: Jobs@Cathod.TV