App for Biology Department

I am in the biology dept here at USC and would like to see if any computer science students would be interested in helping us with a project. It isn't a "job" necessarily as there won't be any pay, but we plan on publishing our work and the student would be given a coauthor status on the paper.

We have developed a DOS program with the help of a programmer from Intel that we could really use a GUI for but we lack the skills to make a decent looking interface. I believe it would be a fairly simple task as all the GUI has to do is allow check boxes or pull down menus to feed switches to the DOS command. Nothing more. But it should look nice and be intuitive. We currently run the program from the command line but there are a growing number of switches, which the user won't be able to remember without referring back to a manual. Ideally, the input boxes for the switches would provide some popup feedback.

We hope this would give a student experience working in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, setting; provide a scientific publication; and help them hone their skills.

Mark Roberts
Department of Biological Sciences
University of South Carolina