Air Force Internships

We are offering paid Spring & Summer internship opportunities to qualified students in Computer Science or with Computer Science related research interests. Regrettably this opportunity is for US citizens because of the requirements of an Air Force research program.

In a number of cases, the internship will not require re-location as we have a 3D virtual research campus (Deep Horizons) that we’ve established to facilitate distance research via avatar technologies.

Our Summer internships are full-time and part-time both on-site and off-site while our Spring internships are primarily part-time and do not require the students to re-locate – although we offer on-site internships – in which case,

I am with the Air Force Research Laboratory, headquartered at Wright Patterson AFB, OH - and the research director for the AFRL Discovery Lab – modeled and operated as a year round research center staffed by largely undergraduate (and some grad) students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.

We offer both full time and part-time research internships in a wide spectrum of STEM fields of study but this inquiry is specifically for students in Computer Science interested in full time or part-time research in 3D virtual reality, data analytics for high performance team, mobile apps, internet of things or computer vision.

Some of our internship opportunities can also be structured to be part time via our 3D virtual research campus called Deep Horizons to allow students to be part of our research program without having to re-locate. They would participate as avatars and work with team mates (and possibly some of our industry partners) across the country from their home or apartment.

A part time summer internship would also give students an opportunity to participate in our research program while juggling their other summer commitments.

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I welcome your questions and would be happy to call to discuss further if that would be helpful.

Thank you for your time,

Dr. Rob Williams, DR-04 (“GS-15”)
Research Director, Discovery Lab & DEEP HORIZONS
Program Mgr, Year / Summer-at-the-Edge (YATE / SATE)
Air Force Research Laboratory Wright Patterson AFB, OH