10 Software Engineers needed in Atlanta


Major international computer manufacturer with offices located in Atlanta Georgia and worldwide, is looking to hire ten

entry-level embedded software engineers these are fulltime salaried positions plus benefits. All locations of the engineering positions are in Atlanta, Georgia,
Financial relocation assistance ie temporary housing, rental car, airline tickets, will be provided for if needed by candidate regarding relocation needs, assistance

Company will hire F1 Visa candidates as well as Green Card US Residents re these positions

As a fulltime engineer, candidate will design, develop, debug, and maintain firmware, software, and embedded software re computer products, components and technologies

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Write Firmware/Software routines in Assembly (ARM and/or X/86) and "C" Language code that meets customer's requirements
Provide FW Customizations and Feature Additions Test FW and Software
Isolate, Correct and Document Bugs and Solutions in a bug tracking database Provide product training to customers

Knowledge in C/C++, Microcontroller and Microprocessor/ Microcontroller Architecture
Candidates that carry F1 Visa must have a completed Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineer required
Degrees preferred, required are BS or MS in Electrical Engineering, or BS or MS in Computer Engineering required, and preferred

JRN & Associates
770-433-8507 Dir.#
If interested in position please email resumes inquiries to Michael at jrnasst@bellsouth.net