Friday, April 28, 2023 - 10:15 am

Restricted Eavesdropping Analysis in Quantum CryptographyAbstract: Quantum computing is a fast developing field, but it poses threats to the modern cryptography system, thus research in quantum cryptography is of great importance for near-term applications. However, traditional security analysis assumes that the eavesdropper is omnipotent, with her "abilities" only limited by the laws of quantum physics. In this research talk I will introduce my work on "Geometrical Optics Restricted Eavesdropping Analysis of Secret Key Distillation and its applications to practical scenarios", which extended traditional secret key distillation security analysis scheme to a more realistic scenario where the eavesdropper is assumed with a limited power collection ability. Such a restricted-eavesdropping scenario is highly applicable on wireless communication links like wireless microwave or free space optics communications. We will start from a quantum wiretap channel to establish lower bounds and upper bounds based on Hashing Inequality and Relative Entropy of Entanglement. We will then apply this model to realistic channel conditions and analyze eavesdropping and defense strategies from both the eavesdropper's and communication parties' sides. Respective conclusions will be presented and discussed in detail during the presentation.

Ziwen Pan is currently a wireless systems applications engineer, mainly working with auto-testing solutions for Qualcomm chipsets on technologies such as WiFi, BT, GPS, etc. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Electrical & Computer Engineering department from the University of Arizona in 2022. His major research work focuses on quantum communication/cryptography, including security analysis of generic secret key distillation schemes and protocol designs for quantum key distributions. He has also worked on other projects such as quantum computation simulation and experimental work on diamond oscillator arrays and microtoroids, FPGA-embedded LDPC channel coding, and entanglement-assisted communication protocol design. He has published in and served as a reviewer for multiple IEEE, Optica (OSA), and APS journals.

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