Friday, March 15, 2024 - 10:30 am
Story Innovation Center

CSE Graduate Student research poster presentations. 

Below is a tentative agenda for the day. If you plant to attend the luncheon, please RSVP by at this link  by Monday, March 11.

Location: 550 Assembly St, Room 2277, Columbia, SC 29201

10:30 am - 12:00 pm: Morning Poster session, 2nd floor hallways

1.Information Competition Simulator: A High-Performance Approach to Modeling Opinion Dynamics in Large PopulationsErik Connerty
3.Orthogonal Dictionary Guided Shape Completion Network for Point CloudPingping Cai
5.Expressive and Flexible Simulation of Information Spread Strategies in Social Networks Using PlanningBharath Muppasani
7.Can I eat this food or not? Explainable food recommendation through multi-contextual GroundingRevathy Venkataramanan
9.Automating the Analysis of Rodent Ultrasonic VocalizationsSabah S. Anis
11.Understanding Information Spread in Dynamic Networks: A Graph Neural Network and Reinforcement Learning Based ApproachProtik Nag
13.Promoting Research Collaboration with Open Data Driven Team Recommendation in Response to Call for ProposalsSiva Likitha Valluru
15.Systematic comparison of EEG brain connectivity metricsDiksha Srishyla
17.Smartwatch-Based Smoking Detection Using Accelerometer Data and Masked AutoEncoder based Neural NetworksMusa Azeem
19.Predicting Language Outcomes from MRI Post-Stroke: A Machine Learning ApproachDeepa Tilwani
21.Deep Learning For Human Vascular AnalysisAli Firooz
23.Adaptive Channel Switching for Connected Vehicles under Extreme Weather Conditions: A Reinforcement Learning Based ApproachJian Liu
25.RI2AP: Robust and Interpretable 2D Anomaly Prediction in Assembly PipelinesChathurangi Shyalika; Renjith Prasad Kaippilly Mana
27.Crystal structure prediction using neural network potential and age-fitness Pareto genetic algorithmSadman Sadeed Omee
29.An Integrated Transformer-Based Framework for Enhanced Longitudinal Prediction of Low BirthweightYang Ren
31.mLIFE Student Preliminary ResultsLexington Whalen
33.SafeChat: A Framework to Build Safe and Trustworthy ChatbotsKausik Lakkaraju
35.Enhancing Injection Molding with Industry 4.0: Towards Smart Manufacturing and Real-Time Quality PredictionXiaoyi Liu
37.Crystal structure prediction using neural network potential and age-fitness Pareto genetic algorithmSadman Sadeed Omee; Lai Wei; Ming Hu; Jianjun Hu
39.Knowledge Graphs Construction & Alignment At ScaleHong Yung Yip
41.Foundation Model for Pathfinding ProblemsVedant Khandelwal
43.PixelPrune: Sparse Object Detection for AIoT Systems via In-Sensor Segmentation and Adaptive Data TransferMohammadreza Mohammadi
45.Computing Heuristics by RelaxationRoss Foultz; Marco Valtorta


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm: Lunch in room 2277


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm: Afternoon poster session, 2nd floor hallway

2.Rethinking Robust Contrastive Learning from the Adversarial PerspectiveFatemeh Ghofrani
4.MilliCar: Accurate 3D Bounding Box Prediction of Vehicles and Pedestrians in All Weather ConditionsReza Tavasoli; Hem Regmi
6.Analysis of cancer patients molecular and clinical dataAli Firooz
8.Cross modal few-shot point cloud semantic segmentationziyu zhao
10.MilliCar: Accurate 3D Bounding Box Prediction of Moving Vehicles with Millimeter-Wave Radar in All Weather ConditionsReza Tavasoli; Hem Regmi; Joseph Telaak
12.Learning Discrete World Models for PlanningMisagh Soltani
14.Realtime Facial Expression Recognition: Neuromorphic Hardware vs. Edge AI AcceleratorsJames Seekings
16.Assessing Cognitive Measures in Aging through Discourse TasksYong Yang
18.Web Application for Searching and Displaying Cancer Patient DataSavannah Noblitt
20.Physics Guided Dual Self-supervised Learning for Structure-based Material Property PredictionNihang Fu
22.Flex-TPU: A Flexible TPU Architecture with Runtime Reconfigurable DataflowPeyton Chandarana
24.Explainable Chemical Reaction Predictions using Deep Approximate Value IterationChristian Geils
26.Flex-TPU: A Flexible TPU Architecture with Runtime Reconfigurable DataflowPeyton Chandarana
28.RDR: the Recap, Deliberate, and Respond Method for Enhanced Language UnderstandingYuxin Zi
30.Efficient Deployment of Transformer Models on Edge TPU Accelerators: A Real System Evaluation​Mohammadreza Mohammadi
32.Deep Learning-Based Classification of Gamma Photon Interaction in Room-Temperature Semiconductor Radiation DetectorsQinyang Li
34.Auto-req: Automatic detection of pre-requisite dependencies between academic videosRushil Thareja
38.CURE: Simulation-Augmented Auto-Tuning in RoboticsMd Abir Hossen
40.Bidirectional Autoregessive Diffusion Model for Dance GenerationCanyu Zhang
42.SMARPchain: A Smart Marker Based Reputational Probabilistic Blockchain for Multi-Agent SystemsMatthew Sharp


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Presentations and poster session winners, room 1400 (1st floor)

03:00 PMAbir HossenJamshidi Lab
03:05 PMSiva Likitha ValluruAI4Society / Srivastava Lab
03:10 PMFawad KirmaniRose Lab
03:15 PMXeerak MuhammadTong Lab
03:20 PMMisagh SoltaniAgostinelli Lab
03:25 PMIoannis RekleitisRekleitis Lab
03:30 PMPeng FuFu Lab
03:35 PMDipannoy GuptaZhang Lab
03:40 PMChristian O'ReillyO'Reilly Lab
03:45 PMJian LiuHuang Lab
03:50 PMRongzhi DongHu Lab
03:55 PMRamtin ZandZand Lab
04:00 PMPingping CaiWang Lab