Teaching Assistantships

Each semester, the department appoints a number of teaching assistants (TAs) to support its educational mission.
  • All incoming graduate students are automatically considered for a TA position, without any separate application.
  • TA responsibilities vary, but generally include grading papers, holding office hours for student consultation, and lecturing in laboratories under a faculty member's direction. A typical TA assignment requires 20 hours of work per week. After completing 18 credits of graduate-level computer science coursework, TAs may teach a course independently.
  • The assistantship provides a stipend and a tuition supplement. The amount of stipend depends on the duties assigned.
  • A limited number of TA positions are available during the Summer. First priority is given to current TAs.
  • Assistantships may be renewed annually based on job performance, progress toward degree, and availability of funds.

Research Assistantships

Many graduate students are supported as research assistants (RAs) by research grants and contracts. These positions are awarded by the faculty members responsible for those grants. This often entails work that leads to publications and contributes to theses and dissertations. Interested students should contact the faculty directly.

Other Financial Support

The Rothberg Fellowship provides $25,000 in support of bioinformatics students. The department also offers a number of Graduate Fellowships to qualified students, which make those students eligible for in-state tuition rates. The Graduate School maintains a list of university-level fellowships. Other departments may also appoint CSE graduate students as Graduate Assistants for computing-related projects.