Program Objectives for Computer Science Majors

Five years after graduation, computer science graduates should be

*** contributing to economic development and society through the development and management of computer systems for industry and research

*** advancing in their careers through knowledge of computer science, communications skills, and understanding of computer systems and contemporary technological issues

*** continuing their professional development through professional study and research

Program Requirements for Computer Science Majors

Current Undergraduate Bulletin

    The requirements in place when you entered USC are those which apply to do. You may switch to a later bulletin on an all or nothing basis. Contact your advisor or Student Services for further information.

    Computing Course Clusters specify appropriate courses for a computing application area; these include both major courses and supporting courses in the application area

Forms and Checklists for Computer Science Majors

Curriculum Sheet 2008-2009 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2007-2008 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2006-2007 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2005-2006 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2004-2005 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2003-2004 (Excel)

Curriculum Sheet 2002-2003 (Excel)

Program Guidesheet 2008-2009 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2007-2008 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2006-2007 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2005-2006 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2004-2005 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2003-2004 (Word)

Program Guidesheet 2002-2003 (Word)

Upper Division Form (Word)

Senior Check Form (Interactive)

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