Instructions for Wenyuan Xu's Advisees

Step 0: Go to my homepage

If you are reading this on my home page, go to step 1 directly. Otherwise, go to my home page ( and follow the link for advisement to get an electronic version of these instructions.

Step 1: Make an appointment

Follow this link to select from a list of available time slots. Remember to leave your email address in the appointment slot. You may need to sign up for a Google/gmail account if you don't already have one. Please do not make any appointments less than 24 hours in advance, do not make any appointment on the slot that is already taken.

Step 2: Prepare for your appointment

Before your appointment, Get some idea about what courses you want to take. Suggestions:

Step 3: Advisement

Because I will, in some cases, be coming to my office specifically for your advisement appointment, please cancel on the Google Calendar site if you cannot keep the appointment.

Step 4: Register for classes

You should see the advisement hold disappear from your account within a day or so after you are advised. If this does not happen, please visit the Student Services Office in 1A00.

Acknowledgement: Jason O'Kane for his input.