Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)

(Special Issue on Shape Modeling in Medical Image Analysis)

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Call for Papers

Aims and Scope

Exploring and using anatomical shape properties plays an increasingly important role in many medical imaging and image processing applications. For examples, in medical image segmentation, prior knowledge on the shape of interest has been used to achieve more accurate segmentation, e.g. in case of ambiguities owing to limited image quality. In neuroscience, the shape of certain brain structures, such as hippocampus, has been shown to be useful for predicting the development of a brain disease, such as Alzheimer’s. In cardiac imaging, the accurate tracking of the shape of the left and right ventricles facilitates the computer aided diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.

While shape representation, modeling and analysis have been widely studied in both the computer vision and medical imaging societies for many years, there are still many unsolved problems. Furthermore, new medical imaging techniques and applications produce higher dimensional data, such as 4D longitudinal data, which bring in new challenges to shape modeling and analysis. For this special issue, we invite researchers from both medical imaging and computer vision societies to report on their recent progress in this area and discuss the future direction of this important topic.

This Special Issue will include, but is not limited to the following topics, with applications to medical image analysis.

  • Anatomic and functional shape representation and matching

  • Shape based medical image segmentation

  • Shape registration

  • Statistical shape analysis,

  • Shape deformation

  • Shape based abnormity detection

  • Shape tracking and longitudinal shape analysis

  • Machine learning for shape modeling and analysis

  • Shape based computer-aid-diagnosis

  • Shape based medical navigation

  • Benchmark and validation of shape representation, analysis and modeling algorithms.

Submission Deadline

January 15, 2012

Guest editors

Song Wang (University of South Carolina)

Shuo Li (GE Healthcare & University of Western Ontario)

Wiro Niessen (Erasmus MC)