There are a couple of ways that the class’ work can be completed using an integrated development environment (IDE). With any of these solutions (except the last one) you must first:




Once you have that then here are some suggestions to try:


Install Eclipse (here)
This is the one I use in class, but it does require a 64-bit system. As long as the JDK had been installed beforehand the IDE should sync with the JDK automatically.


Install IntelliJ (here)

This is another great IDE, and while it may look a little different it does all of the same functionality.


Install NetBeans (here)

Once again another great Java IDE, and like before it does look a little different but has all the same functionality.


Broswer IDE’s (here)

If you are having issues installing the software on a system then you may want to consider some in browser Java IDE’s. One of those can be found here. This one has a nice interface where you can create new files, compile them, and see how it works in the console. Make sure to save and save often, and once you’re done you can download the project as a zip (under the Files section the 3-dots symbol has the option to download as a zip). Also, this one works in browser on most smart phones and tablets, and this includes downloading the zip files.


These are a couple of suggestions to try, and if there is any issues then please do not hesitate to send those my way.