How to Submit Code (Source Files)


We need the source files submitted to the CSCE Dropbox (


These files can be found in the "Java Project -> src" folder.



You can quickly access the file's location by "Right Clicking the File -> Show In -> System Explorer".



This will open a Window of the folder (“src") containing the file.



Then we can simply Drag and Drop the file to the correct assignment location. For example, let's assume this is LabSolution00, so we click on that in the CSCE Dropbox.



Then we click on "Add submission".



Now we can simply Drag and Drop the file "" to the "Add submission" box.



Finally, it will show the file and simply click "Save changes" to finalize the submission. 


When this is done it shows the page where it says it has been "Submitted for grading". 



Also keep in mind to never rename source files. This can cause unforeseen errors that warrant major point deductions.