Instructions for Jason O'Kane's Advisees

Advising for Spring courses generally happens in the weeks following Fall Break; advising for Summer and Fall courses generally happens in the weeks following Spring Break. When these times roll around, here's what you should do.

Step 0: Go to my web page

If you are reading this on paper, go to my web page ( or just ask Google about "Jason O'Kane") and follow the link for advisement to get an electronic version of these instructions.

Step 1: Make an appointment

Follow this link to select from a list of available time slots. Please choose a time after Spring/Fall break.

Step 2: Prepare for your appointment

This is optional, but it can be helpful if you have some ideas about what courses you would like to take before you arrive for advisement. Suggestions:

Step 3: Advisement

Because I will, in some cases, be coming to my office specifically for your advisement appointment, please cancel using the link in your confirmation email if you cannot keep the appointment.

Step 4: Register for classes

You should see the advisement hold disappear from your account within a day or so after you are advised. If this does not happen, please check with the Student Services Office in 1A00.

Additional Information

I've prepared a few documents that might be useful: Other useful links: Answers to frequently-asked questions: