csce774: Robotic Systems

Spring 2022 - University of South Carolina - Jason O'Kane

Documents and Links

  1. Syllabus
    Details about the course format and policies.
  2. Dropbox
    For tracking grades.


  1. Course Project Guidelines
  2. Assignment 1
    This assignment depends on material from Lectures 1-5. Due February 7 at 9:30am
  3. Assignment 2
    This is an optional assignment based on reading and reflecting on a recent paper.
  4. Quiz
    A short written quiz, covering the content of Lectures 9 and 10. Due May 1.

Part 1: Basics

  1. [2022-01-10] Lecture 1
    Course format. Introduction to robotics. Basic ingredients for planning.
  2. [2022-01-12] Lecture 2
    Discrete, deterministic planning. Planning as graph search.
  3. [2022-01-19] Lecture 3
    Value iteration.
  4. [2022-01-24] Lecture 4
    Prediction uncertainty. Nondeterministic value iteration.
  5. [2022-01-26] Lecture 5
    Probabilistic value iteration. Continuous time and continuous state spaces.
  6. [2022-01-31] Lecture 6
    Basic path planning. Configuration spaces. Combinatorial motion planning.
  7. [2022-02-02] Lecture 7
    Sampling-based motion planning. Probabilistic roadmaps. Probabilistic completeness.
  8. [2022-02-07] Lecture 8

Part 2: Research

  1. Context
    Call for presentation preferences
    All of the papers
    Presentation and Review Guidelines
  2. [2022-02-09] Presentation 1
    Basak Sakcak and Steven M. LaValle. Complete path planning that simultaneously optimizes length and clearance. Presented by Tien Nguyen.
  3. [2022-02-14] Presentation 2
    Yaron Veksler and Elon D. Rimon. Evasive navigation of an autonomous mobile robot in hostile unknown environments. Presented by Christian Turner.
  4. [2022-02-16] Presentation 3
    Sertac Karaman and Emilio Frazzoli. Incremental sampling-based algorithms for optimal motion planning. Presented by Anzhelika Kolinko.
  5. [2022-02-21] Presentation 4
    Felipe Felix Arias, Brian Ichter, Aleksandra Faust, and Nancy M Amato. Avoidance critical probabilistic roadmaps for motion planning in dynamic environments. Presented by Jiawei Guo.
  6. [2022-02-23] Presentation 5
    Elod Pall, Arne Sieverling, and Oliver Brock. Contingent contact-based motion planning. Presented by Shuge Lei.
  7. [2022-02-28] Presentation 6
    Alan Kuntz, Mengyu Fu, and Ron Alterovitz. Planning high-quality motions for concentric tube robots in point clouds via parallel sampling and optimization. Presented by Ge Song.
  8. [2022-03-02] Presentation 7
    Chao Cao, Hongbiao Zhu, Howie Choset, and Ji Zhang. Tare: A hierarchical framework for efficiently exploring complex 3D environments. Presented by Alex Scott.
  9. [2022-03-14] Presentation 8
    Clemens Eppner, Sebastian Hofer, Rico Jonschkowski, Roberto Martin-Martin, Arne Sieverling, Vincent Wall, and Oliver Brock. Four aspects of building robotic systems: Lessons from the Amazon picking challenge. Presented by Kausik Lakkaraju.
  10. [2022-03-16] Presentation 9
    Michal Cap, Jean Gregoire, and Emilio Frazzoli. Provably safe and deadlock-free execution of multi-robot plans under delaying disturbances. Presented by Jiawei Guo.
  11. [2022-03-21] Presentation 10
    Hannah Lee, James Motes, Marco Morales, and Nancy M Amato. Parallel hierarchical composition conflict-based search for optimal multi-agent pathfinding Presented by Alex Scott.
  12. [2022-03-23 2022-03-30] Presentation 11 Presentation 13
    Tom Silver, Rohan Chitnis, Joshua Tenenbaum, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, and Tomas Lozano-Perez. Learning symbolic operators for task and motion planning Presented by Anzhelika Kolinko.
  13. [2022-03-28] Presentation 12
    Alphonsus Adu-Bredu, Nikhil Devraj, Pin-Han Lin, Zhen Zeng, and Odest Chadwicke Jenkins. Probabilistic inference in planning for partially observable long horizon problems. Presented by Kausik Lakkaraju.
  14. [2022-03-30 2022-03-23] Presentation 13 Presentation 11
    Clemens Eppner, Roberto Martin-Martin, and Oliver Brock. Physics-based selection of informative actions for interactive perception. Presented by Ibrahim Salman.
  15. [2022-04-04] Presentation 14
    Andrew Messing and Seth Hutchinson. Forward chaining hierarchical partial-order planning. Presented by Tien Nguyen.
  16. [2022-04-06] Presentation 15
    David C Conner, Hadas Kress-Gazit, Howie Choset, Alfred A Rizzi, and George J Pappas. Valet parking without a valet. Presented by Ibrahim Salman.
  17. [2022-04-11] Lecture 9
    Jana Tumova, Formal methods for robot planning (Asynchronous online class.)
  18. [2022-04-13] Lecture 10
    Steve LaValle, Rapidly exploring random topics (Asynchronous online class.)
  19. Quiz
    A short written quiz, covering the content of Lectures 9 and 10. Due May 1.
  20. [2022-04-18] Presentation 16
    Christopher Bradley, Adam Pacheck, Gregory Stein, Sebastian Castro, Hadas Kress-Gazit, and Nicholas Roy. Learning and Planning for Temporally Extended Tasks in Unknown Environments. Presented by Christian Turner.
  21. [2022-04-20] Presentation 17
    Hazhar Rahmani, Dylan A. Shell, and Jason M. O'Kane. Planning to chronicle. Presented by Shuge Lei.
  22. [2022-04-25] Presentation 18
    Rahul Shome, Daniel Nakhimovich, and Kostas E Bekris. Pushing the boundaries of asymptotic optimality in integrated task and motion planning. Presented by Ge Song.