Michael N. Huhns


Publications: Applications and Infrastructure


August 14, 2006


Papers in Journals


1.      Kuhanandha Mahalingam and Michael N. Huhns, “An Ontology Tool for Distributed Information Environments,” IEEE Computer, vol. 30, no. 6, pp.80-83, June 1997. [PS] [PDF]


Papers in Refereed Proceedings


1.      Stephen V. Cole, Matthew D. Royal, Marco G. Valtorta, Michael N. Huhns, and John B. Bowles, “A Lightweight Tool for Automatically Extracting Causal Relationships from Text,” Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon, March 2006. [PDF]

2.      John Cheng, et al., “OmniSeer: A Cognitive Framework for User Modeling, Reuse of Prior and Tacit Knowledge, and Collaborative Knowledge Services,” in Proc. 38th Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Big Island, Hawaii, January 2005. [PDF]

3.      Line C. Pouchard, Richard C. Ward, Michael Huhns, Laura Zavala, and Karthik Iyer,A Web-Service Based Computational Environment for Biomedical Computing,” 13th Annual Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference, Long Beach, CA, January 2005. [PDF]

4.      M. P. Singh, D. Bobrow, B. Hayes-Roth, M. Huhns, M. King, H. Kitano, and R. Reiter “The Next Big Thing,” in Proceedings IJCAI-97, Nagoya, Japan, August 1997. [PS]

5.      Jack Crosscope and Michael N. Huhns, “Robot Path Planning Using an Almost Euclidean Medial-Axis Derived by Grassfire,” in SIAM Conference on Geometric Modeling and Robotics, Albany, New York, July 1985.

6.      Wenran Zhang and Michael N. Huhns, “Scheduler: A Knowledge-Based System for Personal Scheduling,” in 17th Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, Birmingham, AL, March 1985.

7.      Michael N. Huhns and Ed Soniat du Fossat, “Computer Correction of English Grammar Errors,” Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon, Destin, Florida, pp. 66-69, April 1982.


Technical Reports and Other Papers


1.      Michael N. Huhns and Ramon D. Acosta, “Argo User's Guide,” MCC Technical Report Number AI/CAD-158-87-Q, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, Austin, TX, June 1987.

2.      Charles J. Petrie, David M. Russinoff, Donald Steiner, and Michael N. Huhns, “Expert Systems Technology Project Technical Review,” MCC Technical Report Number AI-142-86, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, Austin, TX, April 1986.