CSCE 790-002
Quantum Computing and Information
Fall 2021

Consult the COURSE SYLLABUS for basic information about the course: time, place, overview, grading, prerequisites, policies, etc.

This page contains resources for the course and will be updated as the course progresses.


I will post announcements to the class here from time to time.

(September 21, 2021) Homework 2 is due September 30.

(September 7, 2021) Homework 1 is due September 14.

(August 17, 2021) The University requires wearing masks in all UofSC buildings and on campus busses.

Course Notes

My COURSE NOTES are available in PDF format. These will be updated regularly through the semester.

Outside Resources

There are a number of sources on the web relating to quantum computation and information, from basic tutorials to current research. By far the most comprehensive online repository for current research is the

Click on any of the links related to Quantum Physics (quant-ph). A site that includes tutorials is The Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) is this field's formost research center in the Western hemisphere.

For a dated but fuller list of resources, look at my

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