Computer Engineering – Liberal Arts Requirements (21 hours total) – Fall 2002



The following Courses are required: (12 hours)

English                            ENGL 101 and 102 (6 hours): Must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

English                            ENGL 462 or 463 (3 hours)

Speech                            SPCH 140 (3 hours)


History (3 hours required) – Recommended courses are listed below.

History                             HIST 101-109, 111, 112

Military Science                ARMY 406, 407 (Army Cadets only; These courses are cross listed with HIST 468 & 597.)

Military Science                NAVY 303 (Midshipmen Only)


Fine Arts (3 hours required) – Recommended courses are listed below.

Artistic skills courses will not count for fine arts credit.

Art Education                   ARTE 101

Art History                        ARTH 105, 106

Theater (history)               THEA 200, 561, 562   (only)

Music (history)                 MUSC 110, 140     (music history and literature)


Social Science (3 hours required) – Recommended courses are listed below.

Anthropology                    ANTH 101, 102

Economics                       ECON 224

Geography                       GEOG 103

Gov./Int. Studies               GINT 101-201

Psychology                      PSYC 101, 103      (Not 227, 570-599)

Sociology                         SOCY 101    (Not 220)

Women’s Studies             WOST 112 (only)


Foreign Language Demonstration of the ability to comprehend the topic and main ideas in written and, with the exception of Latin and Ancient Greek, spoken texts on familiar subjects. Proficiency is usually demonstrated by a placement score of 2 in the phase I placement exam or by taking the required courses to complete the equivalent study: 109 and 110 in SPAN, FREN, GERM, or LATN or 121 in one of the other languages offered.


Higher numbered courses may also be acceptable.

Honors students are encouraged to take SCCC courses that are cross-listed with appropriate liberal arts courses. Other SCCC courses may also be acceptable and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.