CSCE 210 -- Fall 2010


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Last updated on April 22, 2009


Online Quizzes: Submit before start of class on date indicated

In Class Quizzes: Given the same day as the online quizzes are submitted

Chapter 1: Due Thursday, January 22

Chapter 2: Due Tuesday, February 3

Chapter 3: Due

Chapter 4: Due Tuesday, March 3

Chapter 5: Due Tuesday, March 24

Chapter 6: Due Thursday, April 9

Chapter 7: Due Tuesday, April 21



1.1: Running the Wage Calculator application

1.2: Running an application that demonstrates event procedures

1.3: Running an application that demonstrates various controls

1.4: Starting Visual Studio

1.5: Opening the Design, Solution Explorer, Dynamic Help, and Properties windows in Visual Studio

2.1: Beginning the Directions application

2.2: Adding a Label control to the Directions application

2.3: Setting the Label's TextAlign property

2.4: Changing the Label's font size and style

2.5: Deleting a control

2.6: Inserting a PictureBox control

2.7: Saving and running the application

2.8: Closing a Visual Basic project

2.9: Opening an existing project

2.10: Using the Object box, Alphabetical button, and Categorized button

2.11: Placing the lblDirections, btnDisplayDirections, and btnExit controls in the Directions application

2.12: Writing event procedures for the Directions application

2.13: Changing the text colors

2.14: Setting the FormBorderStyle property and locking the controls in the Directions application

3.1: Using a TextBox control

3.2: Building the Date String application

3.6: Assigning text to a variable

3.8: Examining the Format Demo application

3.9: Salary Calculation application with exception handling

3.10: Beginning the Room Charge Calculator application

3.12: Single-stepping through an application's code at runtime

4.3: Completing an application that uses the If. . .Then. . .ElseIf statement

4.4: Comparing an If. . .Then. . .ElseIf Statement to a series of If. . .Then Statements

4.6: Examining an application that performs string comparisons

5.1: Creating list boxes

5.2: Creating an application that uses the Do While loop



Programming Challenge 1.1: Carpet Size

Programming Challenge 2.2: Name and Address

Programming Challenge 3.8: Monthly Sales Tax

Programming Challenge 5.3: Workshop Selector

Tutorial 7.5: High Adventure Travel Agency Price Quote Application

    Modify specification to include an additional (fourth) travel option in South Carolina

    Hand in specification modifications and program code.



Midterm Examination #1: Tuesday, February 10  

Midterm Examination #2: Thursday, March 5

Midterm Examination #3: Thursday, April 16

Final Examination: Wednesday, May 6, at 2 pm



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