Milestone 15: Quality Assurance

Due Date: April 22 @11:59pm
Grading: Team

Each team will get a copy of another team's project and do extensive testing of it. You will be added to the other team's github project as a read-only member which will let you create new Issues on their repo. Add all the bugs you find on the project as github issues, with label:bug, label:enhancement, or label:question, as you see fit. A-teams will find at least a dozen bugs.


When testing the other group's project you need to:

  1. Add every bug you find to their Issues list. Use screenshots whenever useful (google: how to take screenshot on iphone/android/whatever)
  2. When you are done testing, tell the other group.

When being tested you will assign labels to each issue the testers submit. Namely:

  • Use the bug label for bug issues.
  • If it is not excatly a bug, but something that really should be added, you can add an issue about it with the enhacement label.
  • If you decide that fixing it is outside the scope of the project then add the wontfix label, explain why, and close it.