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Bottorff Wins Caroliniana Leadership Award

We are happy to announce that Maribeth Bottorff has received the Caroliniana Leadership Award. This award recognizes senior undergraduate students who have been the tireless, behind the scene workers that every successful activity or organization needs. They are leaders through their actions and contributions to the Carolina community. Maribeth is a Computer Science major with a minor in Chemistry and has made significant contributions to the Women in Computing Group, the CSE Student Advisory Council, and the Grace Hopper Conference trip. She will receive her Bachelor's degree this semester and has accepted a job at Google.

Cyber Defense Team Places Second

The USC Cyber Defense Team placed second at the 2016 Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition in Charleston on April 10, 2016. This annual competition between eight SC colleges and universities is designed to challenge the students to keep a virtual network of computers and devices secure while a "red team" of computer attackers is trying to compromise them. In this year's scenario, the students were tasked with defending a medical supply company's digital assets while maintaining business operations (delivering medical supplies to four virtual hospitals by deploying a fleet of supply trucks through an online interface.) They also had to perform digital investigations of malicious files using forensic techniques.

Outstanding Student Awards

We are proud to announce the winners of the Outstanding student awards for this year. The undergraduate winners are:

  • Theodore Stone, Computer Engineering Outstanding Senior,
  • Michael Brunson, Computer Engineering SCSPE Award,
  • Myndert Papenhuyzen, Computer Science Outstanding Senior,
  • Jared Piedt, Computer Information Systems Outstanding Senior.

The Graduate winners are:

  • Yuewei Lin, Outstanding Graduate Researcher,
  • Nick Stiffler, Outstanding Graduate Instructor.

Embedded Systems Textbook

Dr. Jason Bakos is the author of a new textbook titled "Embedded Systems: ARM Programming and Optimization".

This textbook combines an exploration of the ARM architecture with an examination of the facilities offered by the Linux operating system to explain how various features of program design can influence processor performance. It demonstrates methods by which a programmer can make changes to code without changing program semantics, but have a significant impact on code performance.

Dr. Tong Receives ONR Research Award

Dr. Yan Tong, along with Dr. Chen Li from the Mechanical Engineering department, has received a research award from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) for a research project on "Bubble Dynamics in a Confined Domain."
As part of this project they will develop a fully automatic vision-based technique for detecting L-Vinterfaces.

Student SPARC Winners

We congratulate two of our students for winning 2015-16 SPARC graduate research grants. They are Karina Liles for her project "Meeting students educational needs by engaging students in multiplication practice with a social robot" and Xiao Lin for the project "Computational Tool for identifying branching type of hyphal growth models". You can view the full list of winners.


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