SPARC Hackathon 2.0 - Aug 25th - Charleston, SC

Im a software developer for SPARC, a Charleston, SC-based software development company, as well as the organizer of our annual "mobile app" Hackathon event! You are receiving this email, because we believe that your school may have interest in submitting teams to our competition this year! Below is everything you need to know about our event:

SPARC is a company that is all about our company culture and putting People First, First... (Nerf guns are everywhere in our office, we have "Bring your Dog to Work" days every Friday, we have ice cream trucks stop by the office for an free afternoon treat, etc!) Thus, we decided to extend these ideals to the IT community at large, by hosting this awesome development contest. Most of us do not get to do mobile application development in our day to day jobs, this is why we choose this as our competition platform. In addition, we hope that the contest will draw more attention to the ever growing technology presence here in Charleston as well!

The event's website is . It is being held on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 at our corporate headquarters: 2387 Clements Ferry Road, Charleston, SC 29492. If you could please forward this information on to your students, alumni, colleagues or anyone else that you think would be interested in participating or sponsoring - we'd greatly appreciate it! It truly is a great opportunity to come out and network with the great people in our industry - while also competing for fabulous cash and prizes!! :) In addition, we've also landed some excellant sponsors this year: RedHat, Google and Microsoft - just to name a few!

The only additional thing to note is: We've asked that all participants be 18 years or older. Anyone can come spectate though, and should RSVP on the website as well! This competition is not just for college students - but everyone in industry! We would love to have representatives from your school join us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions!

Have a great day! :)

Amanda Noyes Hodges

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