February 2011

Help Needed with Android App

Capital Connections Agency, CCA boasts a very successful track record booking major talent for events from coast to coast and all across the globe. Capital Connections’ pool of A-list talent turns the night life into a real cash cow for club owners and venues every year. CCA has location on both the East and West Coast, Paris, Spain and in Canada. CCA has been providing talent for over a decade and we do not plan to stop offering quality talent any time soon. I would love to have a team of USC students to build an Android App for Capital Connections Agency.

Alumnus Talks about his Graphics and Video Game Company

You might want to hear from one of our successful alumni, Chris King. He will be speaking on Monday evening, 5:30PM, February 21st, at an event called "Midnight Innovation - Celebrating Engineering, Computing, and Entrepreneurship" as part of our Engineer's Week celebrations. Mr. King, along with his partner Michael Sechrest, have been described as the classic innovator in video gaming, and more recently Avatar-like visual effects (see here).

GE Software

Did you know that GE ranks among the world’s top software companies? We’re committed to doubling our software portfolio in the next five years—and need your help to do it!

Student Reports from the SET Fair

Below are some quotes from our (Computer majors) students who attended the SET Fair.

"...I learned that computer scientists and engineers are essential to most other career choices."

"There was one thing that really stuck out in my mind before I even arrived at the fair: thank God I am in Computer Science. As I scanned the list of employers and what majors I was looking to hire, I noticed that nearly all of them were hiring majors that related somehow to computers."

Computer Science vs Software Engineering vs Information Technology

These terms simply reflect that traditional science, engineering, technology distinction we see in all fields. That is:

Science Engineering Technology
Biology (human) Medical Doctor Medical Technologist, X-Ray Technician, Nurse
Physics (electrical) Electrical Engineer Electrician
Phyics (materials, mechanical) Civil Engineer General Contractor, Construction Worker
Chemistry Chemical Engineer Factory worker at a chemical plant
Computer Science Software Engineer Information Technology worker, network admin, computer admin