February 2010

Six Month Contract Upgrading Software

I apologize for this interuption, but with the job market as it is I thought some of you may know someone looking for a good opportunity for a 6 month contract doing Citrix engineering. At AgFirst, we are doing a major project to overhaul the Citrix infrastructure, upgrade to XenApp 5 on VMware Vsphere servers, and utilizing many high end Citrix tools such as provisioning server and EdgeSite.

Web Developer at BGTIME.org

Job Title: Web Developer BGTIME.org

JOB SUMMARY: The developer will lead the continued development of the project’s primary website, maintaining the current integration of emerging technologies, to provide more efficient processes for day-to-day publishing of the project’s digital media content. These efforts must result in improved usability, presentation and publishing processes..

SET Fair Summary by Duncan

from prof. Buell:

I was over at the career fair yesterday. In case you weren’t, and in case you are interested in summer jobs (whether or not they are formally called “internships”):

Most of the companies I talked with were specifically interested in getting summer hires.

Kenya Hunter, USC CS grad from a few years ago, now at Vanguard (investment company) in Charlotte, said she was specifically hoping to get summer people lined up. Vanguard is a large company that is often ranked with the best companies to work for.

URS Corporation on the loby

This is a reminder that the URS Corporation will be recruiting in the lobby of Swearingen on Tuesday, February 16th from Noon – 3:00 pm and in the lobby of 300 Main on Wednesday, February 17th from Noon – 3:00 pm. Please take a moment on one of these days to stop by and chat with them about potential careers at URS. They will have tons of free goodies to give away, as well as lots of good advice on future careers. Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

So You Want to be A CIO?

The Association of IT Professionals meets every month. If you plan to go into network or systems administration (aka IT) you should be attending. This month's meeting is:

Our next meeting is Wednesday February 17, 2010.

Subject: So You Want to Be a CIO?

Speaker: Karl McCollester

Date: February 17, 2010.

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Carolina Coliseum Room 1024

Internships at Elauwit Networks

We are going to be growing rapidly over the next year. So I wanted to see about getting some interns again, these will be paid internships.

In the past we have hired many of the interns and we will do so this time. We are not sure how many final positions there will be but at least 5, but I would like to get about 10 interns. We might have room for more as time goes on.

New USC Career Center Opportunity for Internships

The University of South Carolina Career Center is pleased to introduce the Community Internship Program (CIP). This program gives students the ability to earn a minimum of $10hr with a summer internship in South Carolina. Our goal is to help students gain necessary work experience so that they will be more marketable to future employers.