Friday, September 13, 2013 - 02:00 pm
Swearingen Atrium
  • State of the CSE Department
  • Brief Overviews of Faculty Research (One-Minute Madness! Each CSE faculty member has 1 minute and 1 slide)
  • Poster Presentations by Graduate Students
When: Friday, September 13, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Where: Amoco Hall, Swearingen Engineering Center, 301 Main Street, Columbia This is your opportunity to learn about the world-class research underway in computing at the University of South Carolina. The research extends from the theory of computing to practical aspects, such as smart-phone apps. It includes computer vision, bioinformatics, multiagent systems, Bayesian reasoning, wireless networking, information security, quantum computing, and robotics. The symposium is also an opportunity to meet the students conducting this research.
First Name Last Name Poster Title
Sergey Aganezov On pairwise distances and median score of the three genomes under DCJ
Mingzhe Du Wikitheoria: Web-based Tools for Developing & Accessing Sociological Theory
Xiaochuan Fan A Fuzzy Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation Model for Image Segmentation
Nan Gao Genetic Algorithm for RMP
Yang Gao Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiply on the Texas Instruments C6678 Digital Signal Processor
Dazhou Guo SVM Based Automatic T1 Weighted MRI Chronic Stroke Brain Lesion Detection Pipeline
Bryan Haines Research Experience for Veterans Simulation Software for Renewable Integration
Junaed Bin Halim Bringing MIMO Power Saving Feature in 802.11n EWLAN: An SDN Approach
Shizhong Han Facial Action Units Recognition through Quality based Multi-Algorithm Fusion
Jie Huang Secure Caching Architecture for Mobile Cloud
Ani Kish Dynamic Partitioning of Data for Workflow Compositions
Yuewei Lin Imporved Background Subtraction for Detecting Objects with Infrequent Motions
Xiao Lin Sequential Experimental Design
Jhih-Rong Lin Identification of regulation of nuclear import by post-translational modification (PTM) within/adjacent nuclear localization signal (NLS) based on NLS-import receptor interaction
Ping Liu Facial Expression Analysis with Deep Learning
Rufeng Meng SkyEye: Local Traffic Map
Hossen Mustafa Detecting Evil Twin Access Point Attack in Wireless Hotspots
Krishna Nagar Accuracy, Cost and Performance Tradeoffs for Set-wise Floating Point Accumulation
Bridgette Parsons NurseView: Agent-Based Simulation for Nursing Administration
Muhammad Sakib Revealing Fast-Flux Mothership
Dhaval Salvi Document Image Analysis: Document Image Retification and Handwritten Text-Segmentation
Ibrahim Savran Large-scale Pairwise Sequence Alignments on a Massively Parallel GPU Cluster
RoxAnn Stalvey Information Security in High School
Jing Tian Text Independent Handwriting Identification Using Leap Motion Controller
Jiting Xu Approximate Bayesian Computation Based on Progressive Correction of Gaussian Components
Fan Zhang Real Time Optical Flow on Multicore Embedded DSP
Kang Zheng Paragon: A Digital Collation System
Youjie Zhou Multiscale Superpixels and Supervoxels via Hierarchical Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation
Jun Zhou Finding the lost treasure by comining PMAG and GAST
Lingxi Zhou Genome Inferring based on Median Problem of Maximum Likelihood of Gene Adjacencies
Cheers, Michael Huhns, Professor and Chair Department of Computer Science and Engineering