Capstone Computing Project

Explaining to Clients

As I mentioned in class, you know what is easy and what is hard.

Most of you are quick to tell the client what is hard. But, also remember to suggest to the client solutions that are easy but he has not thought of.

Spotify Engineering Culture

Here is another case study on software development methodologies, in the form of a video from Spotify. It is excellent example of how a company with hundreds of developers still manages to get things done. Must Watch TV !!!

Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1 from Spotify Training & Development on Vimeo.

Spotify Engineering Culture - part 2 from Spotify Training & Development on Vimeo.

For a critical analysis of what might go wrong, see Why Scrum should basically just die in a fire. All these cool links I found on /r/programming

Meeting Times Set

By now you should have received my google-calendar invite for our bi-weekly meeting (check your spam folder!) The few groups that have yet to fill out the form please do so now.

If you forget your time, you can always view my Calendar, there is a link to it from my homepage.

Note, Milestone 4 can only be done after you meet with your client. So, do not turn it in until after you meet with them.

Meeting Times Poll

Fill out the form below to tell me all the times in which your group can meet. We will be meeting every other week, in my office (Swearingen 3A51).

Its OK if you have to arrive or leave 15 minutes late/early in order to get to another class. The meetings typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

Please, only one submission per group. So, talk it over with your team. Decide when you can meet. Fill out the poll by Friday, Sep 12 @midnight

Project Groups

The groups have been determined and are listed below. We have 21 teams this year.

After much tweaking of the algorithm and several false starts, this was the best assignment of projects to students I could find. In it, 60 students got their 1st choice, 17 students got their 2nd choice, 4 students got their 3rd, 3 students got their 4th choice, and 1 very unlucky student got his or hers 5th choice. Sorry if that's you.

I have also sent all of you an email which contains the emails of all your group members.

You can now get to work on Milestone 1.

Submit Your Project Preferences

Please fill out the project preferences form to tell me which projects you would prefer to work in.

Fill out the form by Monday September 1 so I can run the program and assign you your group.

Update, Friday 8:00pm: Only 21 out of 88 students have submitted. Spread the word.

Sunday, 8:00am: 31 out of 88. Seems like most are waiting till the last possible minute, midnight tonight.

Monday, 7:00am: 52 out of 88. I am now taking points off your final grade for the remaining 36 students for every hour you delay. 8:30am: I emailed a reminder to everyone.

Tuesday, 7:00am: 84 submissions. Time to track down those remaining.

Project Proposals 2014

Below are the Capstone project proposals for this year. You will be choosing which ones of these you prefer. Feel free to email the clients if you have questions about the project.

I will post a webform right here on this website this Friday Aug 29. So, come back then and submit your preferences.

1. Door-to-Door Campaign App

Format: Mobile
Right now there is not an easy-to-use, efficient, reliable app for political candidates or advocacy groups who want to reach voters through door knocking, which is by far the most effective form of outreach at the local level.

Whenever we have a candidate for city council or State House or State Senate, we tell them 75% or more of their time should be spent door knocking. The problem is we still usually have to do this with a clumsy system of spreadsheets and pens and post-door-knocking data entry. Our firm has significant voter data in house and there's no reason we can't build an incredible, simple, beautiful app that removes all the extra effort from door knocking and allows candidates and activists to focus on talking to voters and collecting data.

Call for Project Proposals

I am looking for people who need an app developed for them, for free, by our students.

I will be teaching our Senior Capstone Software Project class in the upcoming academic year. In this class our Senior students form groups of 4 or 5 students and each group builds an app. The app can be anything from a mobile app, a web app, a video game, or even software/hardware to control a robot. The project starts in August and ends in May 2015. You can view this year's projects to see what our students did this year.

If you are interested in having an app built for you, by one of the teams, just email me the following:

  1. Your name and email address
  2. A one paragraph (minimum) description of the app you want built: what it will do, who will use it, where will it run, etc.
  3. The platform you want to build on, that is, iPhone, Android, Mac OS desktop, Windows desktop, web application, etc. and any other specific technical requirements you might have. It is OK if you have not yet decided on one, just say that.

If a group chooses your project proposal I will expect you to meet with them at least one hour every two weeks (video meetings are OK, of course) and be available to the students via email to answer questions. You will also be asked to evaluate the final project and interim versions. I expect that the need for feedback will be greatest in August and September, as the project gets started.

By default, all code written by the students belongs to the students, as per USC's Intellectual Property Policy ACAF 1.33 IV.B. If you require some other ownership agreement then email this to me also. I will post it at along with your project description so the students are fully informed before choosing a project.

I will need to receive your project description before the first day of classes: August 21.

See the Client Information and Legal issues page for more details.


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