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Meeting Times Poll

By now you should have received an email with the email address of all the members in your team, including any new members. Meet with your team and decide what times you can meet with me.

Each group, please submit the form below to let me know ALL the times your team can meet, by Wednesday, Jan 14.

Group Meetings Only, No Lectures

Just like CSCE 490, in 492 each group will meet with me in my office for our bi-weekly meeting. There are no lectures. I will be posting the survey for preferred meeting times right here, so, come back.

If you are New to Capstone: If you were not in 490 then I will be assigning you to a group. You will have a lot of catching the first month (this is why we recommend you take 490 first). Expect an email from me after the start of classes. In the meantime, learn git and github.

Please, email me your github username by Monday Jan 12 @midnight.

Remember, your grade depends on your git commit log.

Team Members Assessment

Read the team members' assessment rubric.

Fill out and submit the form below once for every team member, including yourself. That is, you will have to come back to this page and re-submit the form with your review of each team member. I will be the only one who reads these, no student will read them. Remember to also submit one review of yourself. Deadline is Wednesday, December 10 at noon.

The form is now closed.

Prototype Demo and Presentation Time

I have updated the Presentation milestone. It will be Saturday, December 6, 8am to noon in Amoco Hall. See the milestone for details.

Unrelated to that, checkout I signed up for their weekly questions. They are good. And, no, I don't know the answers right away. It takes me hours to figure out some of them, which is why Google won't hire me.

Software Maintenance Bonus Activity

In practice, it is actually very rare for you to start a project from scratch, as you are doing in this class. Usually you add code to an existing project.

We also happen to have a few projects from last year that got some traction. The clients are using them, or need just a few more features/bugfixes done before they can use them. Below are the ones that want help at this point. This list will be updated as new requests come in.

  1. Project Crystal Blue and its iOS app (video). This is a Mac OSX application and companion iOS application used by Dr. Barbeau, a geologist, to keep track of rock samples. You can view the list of requested features and bugfixes, which I have added as separate Issues.
  2. CapstoneConnect is a Laravel PHP website which is being used by Dr. Dale McCants in Mechanical Engineering. Here are some of his requests.
  3. SCChildcare is an Android app tht shows childcare centers of South Carolina in a map, along with official ratings. The one current issue is that it does not work with the latest (well, as of the Summer) Android version.

I am looking for people willing to put in some time to help these projects. If you do, this will help your grade, a lot. Also, I will write a very nice recommendation and LinkedIn Endorsement for you if your changes work. Contact me if you want to help.

A Case Study in Design

As you are all working on Designing your UIs for your apps, I thought I would add a case study to complement our Design Principles slides.

Let's compare USC's now 1-year old online class schedule, located at to Stanford's at After using both you will feel, like everyone else who tries them both, that Stanford's is much better. But, as a developer you need to understand exactly why it is better. You need to be able to point to the exact features that make it better, and to the specific problems in USC's site, so you can avoid these mistakes in your Capstone project.

Stanford starts of with a simple, easy to remember URL, and a very nice design. I am greeted with a powerful search box right at the top. As we know, most people nowadays simply jump to the search box to find what they are looking for. This design supports that behavior. But, I also get a list of all the majors. With 1 click I can see, for example, all the CS courses. This is another very common use-case: show me all the classes in my major. The list of classes is pleasant to look at. Once I find a class I like, another click shows me the times it is being offered. If I search for a class, say "CS 142" then I am dropped into a page that shows that class. One more click and I can see all the times that class is scheduled for next semester. Also, note that the building names are linked to a map showing the building's location. Students who have to travel across a large campus would find this small feature very useful. Overall, most users find what they are looking for quickly, without much work, and the site is pleasant to look at.

Explaining to Clients

As I mentioned in class, you know what is easy and what is hard.

Most of you are quick to tell the client what is hard. But, also remember to suggest to the client solutions that are easy but he has not thought of.

Spotify Engineering Culture

Here is another case study on software development methodologies, in the form of a video from Spotify. It is excellent example of how a company with hundreds of developers still manages to get things done. Must Watch TV !!!

Spotify Engineering Culture - part 1 from Spotify Training & Development on Vimeo.

Spotify Engineering Culture - part 2 from Spotify Training & Development on Vimeo.

For a critical analysis of what might go wrong, see Why Scrum should basically just die in a fire. All these cool links I found on /r/programming

Meeting Times Set

By now you should have received my google-calendar invite for our bi-weekly meeting (check your spam folder!) The few groups that have yet to fill out the form please do so now.

If you forget your time, you can always view my Calendar, there is a link to it from my homepage.

Note, Milestone 4 can only be done after you meet with your client. So, do not turn it in until after you meet with them.


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