Capstone Computing Project

Always Be Coding

By now you should know what platform you will be using, so it is time to start learning about it: download the software, go over the tutorials, implement your 'Hello World!' in the new platform, and read about the more advanced features of the platform that you will need. So, now is a great time to work on your Milestone 3: Research.

Remember, Always Be Coding.

Re-Designing the Registrar's Page

Our in-class exercise was to re-design the way a student learns about and chooses classes for the next semester, improving on this mess.

Some of you were unable to stray away too far from the way it is currently being done. This is a common problem: once we see one way of doing it, it is hard to imagine other, sometimes much better, ways of doing the same thing.

Some of you realized that a way to improve this is for the program to use more information about the student: what classes he has taken, his major, etc. This, of course, would require the student to log in. But, even with all this information it is still not clear how to actually make the interface easy to use. Below are some of the more creative solutions provided by you:

Missing Students

The following students please contact your group, or me (see my contact information), ASAP:

  • Dan Han

If there is someone from your team that you cannot contact, let me know, now.

Movie Time: Indie Game: The Movie

Our next movie is Indie Game: The Movie. You won't learn much about working in a group, as all the games in the movie are built by one or two people.

You will see people that care deeply about their craft, their art. This is a great flick, about some great artists.

Teams To Do List for this Week

Now that the project teams have been selected, you need to do the following:

  1. Have your first team meeting, see details on Milestone 1.
  2. Remember that, as part of M1 you have to select a github project name (aka: codename) for your project. Then, email me your github project name along with the github usernames of all the people in your team. I will create a private github repo for your team and give it to you.
  3. Contact your client and setup a meeting with them for next week (Sept 9--13), at the latest.

Project Teams List

The groups have been formed, they are shown below. I have also emailed each one of you the topic and the email addresses of all the members of your team.

No Lecture Tuesday

Since the MW sections have Monday off I am giving the TTh section Tuesday off so we don't get too much out-of-synch. So, there is no lecture on Tuesday, September 3.

Remember to submit your project preferences today. I will announce the teams here, tomorrow, and you should have your first team meeting sometime next week.

Google+ Page for Class

Just for fun, I set up a Google+ page for this class where I have been posting blog posts and videos that I like and might, or might not be, relevant to this class. Feel free to make your own recommendations for 'videos developers would enjoy'.

Movie Time: Objectified

This week and next we will be talking about Design in lecture. In order to get in the mood, you might want to watch this film.

The documentary below, titled Objectified is pretty awesome. It is also a great way to learn about what Designers do. You will see interviews with today's top designers, including the guy who invented the term "interaction design". If you want, I can lend you a copy of it. Talk to me in class. You can also get it on Netflix. PS. The same group also made Helvetica, which is a film as awesome as its title suggests.


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