Capstone Computing Project

Get a Master's in a Year

Now undergraduate students can take up to 12 graduate hours of course work and receive both undergraduate and graduate credit for those 12 hours. The credits can be applied to the student's baccalaureate program and with graduate program admission applied to a graduate program.

With this change, students in the Accelerated Masters program having earned 12 graduate credits only need 18 more graduate credits after Bachelors to earn a Masters degree.

Final Presentation and Last Week

I have updated Milestone 11: Presentation and Demo with details. It will be the last day of classes.

Since it is a regular class day it is possible that some of you will have class at that time (do we have any classes on Friday afternoons?) so not all of you have to go, but some do.

There will be no group meetings during the week of Thanksgiving. Those groups that would have met with me during that week please feel free to check my Calendar for office hours during that week when you can drop by and we can talk about any last-minute issues. Remember to read the "Vidal Meeting Notes" page on your github wiki for any new details on what I am expecting for your final demo.

Till then, Happy Coding!

Time to Git Going

As Milestone 9 is now due, I will remind you that this page has my slides and videos on git and github. The slides have links to even more tutorials which I recommend. You should have read all these by now but, if you haven't, do so now before you do something that destroys everything you've worked for your whole life/semester.

If you are still git-confused, as everyone is at the beginning, just stick to the 'just the master' workflow for now. After a couple of weeks you should feel confident enough to jump into the user-named-branches workflow that I recommend in the video.

Movie Time: Project Code Rush

The year is 1997. Microsoft is giving away Internet Explorer and killing Netscape Communications. Netscape decides the only way they will survive is by releasing their Netscape browser as open-source in six months, codename Mozilla. To make this happen developers must make thousands of changes and bugfixes. See how they do it.

In the end, Netscape got bought by AOL, effectively dying. Mozilla was re-written once again and became Firefox, which went on to have more users than IE.

Using GitHub for Team Communication

We will be using the github wiki, issues, and milestones as a way of communicating, like software teams do. Specifically:

  1. All your design, documentation, and all other documents will be placed on the wiki
  2. I will create a wiki page called something like "Vidal Meeting Notes" under which I will add notes from our meetings, things that are going right or wrong with your project, my expectations, etc. Please read this soon (a day) after our meeting
  3. I will also add Issues. Issues are things that you must do (not all the things that you must do are in Issues, just the ones that I feel you need reminding of). Once you have fixed the issue, you will close it.
  4. I recommend you add your own issues, and assign them to your team members. This is an easy way to make sure everyone knows what to do, and knows what everyone is doing.
  5. If you have a question for me, or want to discuss something about your project, you can create an issue, give it the label question, and assign it to me. We can then have a conversation under that issue and it will be saved and available for all team members to see. You could also email me, or IM, or drop by if you want, but those won't be saved in your github.

Meeting Times Now Set

I have just sent you each and email (google calendar event invites) with your meetings with me. If you did not get your email, you can just look at my calendar for your team's meeting time.

There are two groups that have not yet filled out their preferences. They are University-101 Interactive Textbook and HumpDay-Decode. Please send in your preferences ASAP. Make sure you don't pick a spot that has already been claimed.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

Next week will be our last lectures (Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on you section, are the last lectures). The week after we start the meetings, every other week, each team separately, in my office.

In order for me to assign group meeting times, please fill out this doodle following these instructions:

  1. First meet with your group and figure out which time slots you can meet.
  2. Mark all the time slots your group could meet with me, the more the easier for me to schedule all of you. Use the github name of the group as the name of the "Participant".
  3. The meetings are scheduled for 1-hour but if you need to arrive/leave 15mins late/early, because you have another class to get to, that is fine. That time works.
  4. If your group really needs another slot that is not listed, let me know what will work for you so we can figure it out.

Please fill this in by Wednesday, September 18 @midnight.

Always Be Coding

By now you should know what platform you will be using, so it is time to start learning about it: download the software, go over the tutorials, implement your 'Hello World!' in the new platform, and read about the more advanced features of the platform that you will need. So, now is a great time to work on your Milestone 3: Research.

Remember, Always Be Coding.


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