Project Videos 2018

This year the 180 Seniors in our Capstone course developed 36 awesome applications for Industry or USC clients, or for themselves. The tech breakdown includes:

  • 15 webapps: Node, Angular, firebase, meteor, django, react, ASP.NET, AWS, Google Cloud
  • 14 mobile apps: Android, iOS, ionic, react native, firebase cloud
  • 2 virtual reality aps: Unity
  • 5 desktop/hardware applications: Windows, C#, Java, Linux, Qt

Click on a team name below to see their video demo, or you can view them all in this youtube playlist.

Team Type Tech Short Description
1. AdviseMe Webapp Node, Angular, mongodb A web app that will assist college students through the majority of advising requirements while in pursuit of a degree.
2. Boeing Assembly VR VR Unity Assemble a Plane in Virtual Reality
3. Cutsies Mobile Ionic, firebase With the ‘Cutsies’ app, users are able to engage in an auction style game to cut lines at various bars.
4. DirtyHistoryCrawler Webapp Node, mongodb, neo4j The Dirty History Crawler is a tool for collecting and analyzing large amounts of interconnected data from web-based databases through directed crawling and scraping.
5. Conquest's End Desktop Unity Conquest's' End is a turn based strategy game where the goal is to take over the galaxy! Each player takes turns building an army and fighting with other players across the galaxy.
6. VR Design Room VR Unity A virtual reality room design application where the user is able to query 3D models using a voice interface.
7. Research at USC Webapp Django, Angular A web application that allows students at USC to explore research opportunities on campus.
8. Sense-Able Desktop Linux, Qt Sense-Able's solution (the program) will be a guide for the visually impaired. The program will use a Lidar RADAR sensor to detect walls, obstacles, ledges, and staircases, and will alert the user when there is an important obstacle in front of them.
9. SkateHub Mobile Ionic An app that will connect skaters all over the world.
10. Trading Spaces Mobile react native, firebase A mobile app that supports peer-to-peer parking space lending
11. Beacon Mobile Ionic Beacon is designed to coordinate volunteer efforts, and donations during natural disasters.
12. Duty Roster Desktop JavaFX Duty Roster 1.0 is an automated military-based scheduling system which has been adapted for public use.
13. Cupboard Mobile Android Manage your foods, recipes, and shopping lists all in one convenient app!
14. Monsurvey Webapp Django Monsurvey gives you the power to make surveys on the fly, take surveys (either anonymously or not), share surveys with anyone, and analyze response data.
15. Risk of Success Webapp phaser.js A real time Tower Defense strategy base online game.
16. SoundClout Desktop JavaFx, tkinter The intention of this application is to provide instructions in a scalable way to a fleet of Raspberry Pis.
17. Tache Mobile Ionic, firebase The purpose of this app is to allow users to post tasks they need completed and broadcast these tasks to users who are willing to complete the tasks.
18. Hydration-Manager Webapp meteor This project seeks to aid athletic trainers and coaching staff of the University of South Carolian football team in identifying potentially dehydrated players through the monitoring of weight before and after athletic competition.
19. PowerSwitch Mobile Unity A game that demonstrates the importance of using different energy sources to get the player from point A to point B within a certain amount of time.
20. CapstoneEmployeeScheduler Desktop Windows C# Windows Application to assign Employees and Roles in an efficient manner
21. Recycling Bin Manager Webapp meteor A web app for managing recycling bins around the University of South Carolina - Columbia campus.
22. WaWash Webapp Django WaWash is a location-based web application that allows an on-demand personal laundry cleaning service.
23. BrainGains Mobile react native, firebase App for educating stroke survivors on how to exercise to regain mobility and prevent future strokes, as well as for helping them track their workout routine and stay dedicated to it.
24. Project Manager Webapp ASP.NET App to help manage allocated funds for University of South Carolina College of Engineering & Computing research projects.
25. TumorTaskforce Webapp ASP.NET It is then our task to create a user interface for the web application that will allow users to access the database showing them the conclusions of our pattern research, as well as allow them to input information regarding a specific patient and receive both a computative analysis of the patients conditions and a recommended course of action calculated using the database.
26. Registration-Logger Webapp meteor, semantic UI Check attendance to meetings.
27. PulManage Mobile iOS, AWS The purpose of this project is to create an iOS application that will act as a go-between tool for use by patients, providers and administrative personnel at Carolina Diagnostic Solutions LLC (CDS).
28. Social-Monomania Webapp Django Webapp designed to analyze social media posts
29. PowerSwitchiOS Mobile iOS Powerswitch, LLC is an energy conscious startup company seeking to explore the iOS platform with an app adapted from a fun and educational board game.
30. Gamecock Sailing Webapp meteor A web application that will facilitate the crewing, sailing, and racing opportunities for the Gamecock Sailing Club (GSC) and Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association (LMYRA) members.
31. Pothole-Reporter Mobile Android, firebase The pothole reporter app will be designed to be used by the general public as a means of reporting road damage when encountered while driving.
32. Bodylight Mobile Android An app that teaches excercises.
33. AahaRx for Diabetes Management Mobile react native, firebase The app will focus on features that will promote patient health as well as improve communication between health-care providers and patients.
34. E Cigarettes Webapp meteor The purpose of this web application is for patients with a history of smoking to use whilst in the doctor's office to answer questions regarding their behaviors and intentions to quit.
35. Puzzle Coupons Mobile kivy A mobile app that has a collection of puzzle games for consumers to complete in order to be rewarded coupons and discounts to local businesses in the Columbia area.
36. DNNV Webapp Node, firebase, coffescript A web-based tool for visualizing neural network topologies(directed acyclic graph). It currently supports UC Berkeley's Caffe framework. DNNV is an extension of ethereon/netscope framework with added functionality. This application uses Firebase as database storage to store files and the users password and username.